Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sleet Day!

The "historic winter storm of 2011" has officially hit Texas. I woke up this morning to my cell phone at 6:15am buzzing with texts and phone calls from friends, family and co-workers. We were all wondering the same thing- "what do we do??!?!" You see, around this area we actually don't get storms too often. Well, snow storms that is. We get plenty of "Texas Thunderstorms" which are beautiful, fearful light and sound shows that set in between April and May (then the drought season from June through like November, hahah!!).

Luckily, the weather people made the decision pretty easy for me and my crew. Little quips like "If you do not absolutely have to get out and drive we urge you not to" and "driving conditions are treacherous if not impossible" as well as scary numbers like 21 degrees (feels like 9!!) had us all calling in to stay home. My boss was extremely gracious and wished me and my husband a wonderful day off. (My husband is a teacher- so of course he didn't have to go in either!). If we had to have a surprise snow vacation day- this is the best day to have it since it's our 3 year anniversary of our first date. :) who would've known where we'd be 3 years later!

So we are going to make the most out of this little midweek vacation day. I'm on my second cup of French Roast coffee topped with Almond Milk, my husband is finishing up some grade book work and our two dogs are contently sleeping at our feet. The snow has stopped but the wind is awful so we can hear it howling over our rooftops. Our heat is running as much as possible since many heat lines are bursting due to freezing and it would be awful to not have feet in the 21 degree (feels like 9) weather!

Journaling and whole grain banana pancakes are a necessity on snow days. I think they should come pre-made in those fun emergency survival kits they sell online. We love this brand of mix (found at Costco):

Plus a really well aged banana :)

We had a mini "toppings bar" so we could each pick our preference...

As you can see, the pancakes look almost as incredible as they taste. Mine are topped with a very thin smear of peanut butter, a drizzle of agave and a sprinkle of cinnamon- well...just YUM.

During breakfast we talked about spending some time organizing and cleaning my favorite room in our house- my craft room (slash computer room slash photography studio slash Scott's classroom away from classroom slash coupon cutting center etc etc etc). This is the most colorful, fun, artistic room we have and where I go when I get my creative urges (which is a lot!) Sadly, it's kind of crazy looking right now.

See...we are plagued with stacks

and stacks

and stacks

of paper. What kind of paper? Let's see- magazines, items that need to be scanned, receipts to file, Scott's school work for his Master's degree, Scott's school work for his job, coupons, bills that need to be shredded (we paid them first of course!:)), cards, the Dissertation I am editing, Photography contracts, etc. A LOT OF FREAKING PAPER!! LOL.

The funny thing is I'm normally a pretty organized person. Unfortunately when I was in the depths of despair, cleaning was not my priority (although a lot of times I love to clean when upset. Go figure!) So, note for next time- don't do this. Double note- don't go into the depths! LOL.

So, after some sorting and organizing I was left with these piles.
-Items to be shredded
-Items to recycle
-Magazines to read
-Items to be scanned and categorized into Evernote.
-my editing work for job numero 2

Do you all have Evernote? it's amazing. I'm totally going to do a totally separate post just on that one day. But for now, trust me on this one- it rocks!

Either way it feels good to have my craft room clean and ready to be crafty! ;-) Now i just need a simple way to organize and keep up with my coupons- anyone have tips?

Now that I've done my daily chore (Scott did dishes), I'm going to get to work on editing. Boo. Fake vacation. But at least I'm still in my pajamas! Haha. :) Afterwards I am going to read something for fun, have some sort of lunch and play some FIFA with mi amore.

You all have a wonderful day- sleet, snow or shine!


Tania (and Bella :))

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