Thursday, February 3, 2011

Insane Texas Weather

ACK! The weather here has been crazy! Where is my 105 degree, sunny, sweltering state that I love so much?  Driving in to work and home from work the last 2 days has been really scary- there is ice everywhere and us Texans have no clue what we are doing. LOL. Unfortunately it seems like my path from home to work has been mostly neglected by the city workers.  Probably because everyone in our neighborhood is retired and aren't leaving their houses anyways and because we aren't close enough to the Super Bowl to be important ;-) I haven't experienced the negative wind chill feel in a while- since my Iceland days, in fact, but it is NOT something I miss! Boo you Old Man Winter!

I felt really off today. My throat is burning and my stomach is cramping. :( I also feel bloaty and gross.  It's days like today that I wish my jeans were Jeggings or Pajama Jeans (lol) but instead they are stiff denim and they are cutting into my stomach a little bit.  Thankfully they weren't even able to be buttoned 2 weeks ago so tight with bloating is an okay start!  I was supposed to go to a preview Weight Watchers at Work meeting yesterday but they cancelled it. I'm thinking about joining.  It will be nice to have the accountability and the plan.  I'm also really intrigued by their new Points Plus plan.

Anyways, I hope you all are having an amazing day! : ) Stay warm wherever you are!



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  1. Wait, you have another blog? I have never seen this but i just read it all - wonderful! Let's actually schedule our walk/talk!