Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Best Friend's Wedding

My best friend got married this weekend.

It was weird.

I don’t mean that to say that it was odd for her to get married, or anything outside the normal happened at her wedding. In fact, it was a seamless evening and she was (of course) dubiously happy. As her Matron of Honor (I begged her to not make me be a Matron, but rather a Maid- she said that was the trade off for having a year longer of wedded bliss. Boo.), I had a lot of duties to do and a lot to keep me busy, but my mind couldn’t help by wander.

Holy Cow, I can’t believe we have actually both done this.

I remember Christy and I, all of 17-18 years old giggling at fraternity parties and talking about how weird it would be to have a boyfriend, or even just a date. We had our fair amount of attention because we are both redheads and everyone around us was (and sometimes is) convinced we are twins. But, I’m happy to report, we were both pretty choosy in our frat going years and always left the parties alone together, arm and arm.

I remember at 18, a few weeks before college having a real encounter with God and giving my heart, mind and soul to Jesus, never regretting and never looking back. Sweet Christy followed a few months after, and we experienced the most incredible and sweet spiritual growth, running back and forth to each other’s rooms with new Bible verses to share-Can you believe he has numbered each sky and knows them all by name???? That particular night at a college worship service “Indescribable” by Chris Tomlin was played- a song about God knowing and numbering stars in the sky. God was romancing and serenading us in a way only He could.

When I was 20, I had my first boyfriend. Although we were together almost two years, that relationship was long distance and only slightly changed Christy and I’s relationship, although I was with him a lot on weekends. She knew he wasn’t right and that it wouldn’t last. And she was right. Although that relationship took me through Junior year all the way through graduating and moving back to Texas, she was there for me to cry on and was incredibly supportive of all my sappy wailings of being “alone forever”. She assured me I wouldn’t.

Again, she was right.

Although I was single for almost exactly 1 year (2 weeks short of 1 year exactly), she assured me the entire time that God had the right man for me and He was preparing us both for each other. I had my first date with Scott February 1st and wasn’t sure 100% what I thought. I had made a vow, see, not to let my heart get carried away with a man until I knew for sure he was right. She told me to give it time.

I’m so glad she did. A mere 2 months later, on a trip visiting his extended family, we stole some time alone to take a trip to Savannah, GA. There in the courtyards of a beautiful church on a park bench in the sunshine we fell in love. (Well, we had been falling, but that’s the point we both count of knowing). Sitting in silence of a that moment, sun warming our faces, butterflies in our stomachs and Goosebumps on our flesh- we knew. This was something different. It was almost sacred.

From that moment there was no looking back. 4 months later and we were engaged, a year later and we were married. Christy was there for the parties, and of course the wedding, making the dull 4 hour trip between her house and mine without complaint. When I bought a house, she was there to decorate it. When I was worried about wedding planning, she was there to make me laugh. Always just a text, email or phone call away, I knew she had my back.

Then I was in wedded bliss.

I so wanted the same for my sweet friend, but she was happy as she was. She told me she’d be fine and when the time was right her man would come. So I didn’t worry.

On Valentine’s Day of this year, Scott and I were celebrating our 2 year anniversary of our first kiss. Meanwhile, in Oklahoma City, Christy and Casey were having their first date. He arrived with a single red rose to take her out for sushi then desert. They were both hooked.

They got engaged August 25th and were married December 4th. She was gorgeous. Literally a fairy-tale bride. We toasted, we danced, we giggled…and before she left, weremininced. As we were lining up to do their grand exit, panic fluttered into my chest- I had forgotten to say goodbye! I ran to the brides room and found her and Casey there, looking totally radiant. I gave her a hug, and with tears in my eyes told her that we finally were both here, and that marriage was incredible. That I loved her and would pray for them every day.

Which I do, and I will.

It’s a funny feeling when you are that close to someone and get to see them go through a life-changing celebration. There is joy, there is memories, and somewhere, deep down, there is a hint of bittersweet. I wonder if she felt that way about my wedding. Perhaps when she gets back from Hawaii, I’ll ask her.

Until then, congrats Christine and Casey. Love you dearly!


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