Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Church- Planted.

I'm really honored to be a part of an AWESOME community of believers here in Dallas. We've been walking in community with them several years and really could have not asked God for a better group of friends who are real, kind, and genuine. :) We have been working towards opening a church for awhile- and finally this past weekend we had our first service!! It was AWESOME!! I had goosebumps almost the whole time. We met outdoors for our first service, but will be meeting at 10am at Criswell college downtown Dallas for the next 3 months at least. :) Come join us!! Here are a few pictures I took...nothing fancy.

My friend Sang, me and my sister.

This is where we met- it is in the Lake Highlands area. It was in the 30s but honestly I was hot by the end of it and had my jacket off. This is a big deal if you know my distaste for winter. :)

Scott and our friend Jason putting together the children's ministry area a 12 person tent. :)

Beautiful ladies :)

We had 2 baptisms- a mother and her son. It was really awesome to be a part of and I was really proud of all 4 of these guys for being brave enough to be in the fountain!!

So why another church in Dallas? Isn't there a church on every corner? Good questions. DFW is projected to grow over 60% by 2040. People are pouring in to this area at a crazy fast pace and the people coming include people who are lost, lonely, hurt, broken and in need of the Gospel. Luckily it is not our job to save anyone- it's God's deal, but we get invited to be a part of it. So our job is to be obedient and do our part to make sure every person has a chance to encounter the love of me, you will never be the same. :)

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