Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I've always considered myself a writer.

From wanting to recreate stories for my classmates in kindergarten to creating SATC Carrie-esque type columns in college- words have always been near and dear to my heart. I majored in Journalism, graduated with big ambitions to document the world, and have done so through various mediums- photography, interviewing and studying people from all backgrounds. I have failed, however, to return to my first love- to journaling, writing, and keeping a detailed record of my life.

I want one day to be able to share this with my friends, with my children- to look back and say "look- look how far I've come!" There is so much that I want to achieve in my life- I want to continue on this healthy lifestyle and my quest for radiance- physically, spiritually and mentally.

I have dealt with negative self image for too long. Am I perfect? No. Am I loved, cherished and treasured? Yes. It's time I learned to embrace myself, flaws and all! I have been in the lows nutritionally- both by binging and overeating, to starvation. I have seen the effects mentally, physically, emotionally...not pretty. I am here on a quest to love- love myself, my husband, my family, my friends and the beautiful world around me. For the first time in my life- I feel passion- passion for good, solid nutritional foods, passion for running and biking, for photography and for those around me. It feels amazing.

Thank you for reading. I look forward to sharing my journey with you. :) Watch me Run To Radiance!

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